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Our Creative Maintenance scheme allows our clients to experience projects in the wider community. These projects vary from large scale murals to grand landscaping. Through these projects, we can engage with the community as a whole and demonstrate the amazing skills that our clients have. We have been blessed to work on some incredible projects with amazing partners. Some of our projects have included:

Basildon and Thurrock University Hospital

At BTUH we have been given space outside the Day Surgery Unit, here we have been asked to transform the space to create a landscaped area which would be inviting for all. This project is ongoing and will take some time to complete, but it still allows us to work with many great people and meet a variety of characters.
The project itself has given us the chance to enhance our landscaping skills and develop some new concepts.

Kyanite Dog Sanctuary

At this dog rescue home, we have been able to work on a great variety of projects. We have been asked to move some fallen trees from the lake, paint a small mural and other smaller jobs. Working in this environment, we have seen our clients respond beautifully to the dogs and we have found the environment to hold therapeutic qualities which our clients respond so well to.

Evelyn May House

This is a care home for the elderly and those suffering with Dementia; working alongside this amazing home has allowed some incredible collaborative working. Our clients have responded very well to the environment by showing empathy towards some of the residents while we have been working on the mural projects. The residents have welcomed our clients in with open arms and have been pleased to have us working in the space.
We are working on many other community-based projects, these are just but a few examples of the great places we work. 



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